Dropped frames (unauthorized port) in AP mode

Ben Greear greearb
Sun Jul 14 17:33:57 PDT 2013

On 07/14/2013 11:46 AM, Mihai Moldovan wrote:
> * On 24.06.2013 04:35 PM, Mihai Moldovan wrote:
>> [...]
>> It's getting stranger: the very same setup works fine with kernel version 3.0.2,
>> but stopped working in-between. IIRC, about the time, when hostapd stopped
>> creating a monitor interface and using that for AP mode. At the very same time,
>> TX status support has been implemented in mac80211 by Johannes Berg (commit
>> a729cff8ad5120d0d5172ec28a3843d1cb458f79).
>> After reverting his commit, I was able to use hostapd on 3.5.x - with a monitor
>> interface being used, so I suspect the kernel being broken in this respect.
>> I haven't been able to revert the commit on top of 3.9.6 due to more
>> sophisticated merge conflicts.
>> [...]
>> Commit 73a3c6ffca0c0292289c4fc598402b4227c85faf by nbd disables monitor usage
>> when detecting TX status support... I have crafted a trivial patch to enable
>> monitor mode unconditionally for me:
>> [...]
>> With this patch, my notebook is able to authenticate. So... what's the real
>> culprit? :)
> I've been pestering Ben off-list and gained some new insights.
> He's using AR9380 cards extensively in his setups and I haven't seen any bug
> reports yet, so tried to replicate his setup.
> I tested my hostapd configuration with the exact kernel and hostapd he's
> employing, to find out that STAs still weren't able to connect.
> But there's one interesting and fatal difference in our hostapd configurations:
> I am using hostapd's internal authenticator (for WPA/WPA2), while he is relying
> on an external one.
> As everything is working for him, but I have to workaround my issue by forcing
> hostapd to create a monitor interface and our setups were identical (but in the
> very machine, though both have been "normal" x86_64 machines), could the
> internal authenticator be the root cause?

Can you just test with my exact configuration file that I sent previously?  We are not
actually using any external authenticator, at least for the bulk of our testing.

For that matter, have you tried setting up a non-authenticated configuration?


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