Problems starting hostapd 2.0

Antonio Toma antonio.toma
Thu Jan 31 05:19:49 PST 2013

Hi Mihai,

I'm running kernel 3.7.5 but I was on 3.6.11 when I first tried to
upgrade to hostapd 2.0 (and failed).
I'll provide you the log info as soon as I get my hands back on the machine.


On 1/29/13, Mihai Moldovan <ionic at> wrote:
> * On 29.01.2013 10:02 AM, Antonio Toma wrote:
>> I'm facing problems trying to upgrade from hostapd 1.1 to 2.0 in
>> ArchLinux.
>> The daemon fails to start using the same configuration that used to
>> work for (and still works if I downgrade to) 1.1
> What kernel version are you using? Can you please send me the debug log
> created with
> hostapd -dd /path/to/config
> ?
> Compressed or uncompressed, I don't mind. Start up hostapd, then have one
> trying to connect and once it says "authentication failed", or something
> along
> those lines, then terminate hostapd.
> However, don't necessarily post the file to the list, as there is a 25kbyte
> message size limit...
> You may be facing the same problems I do (and have backtraced to a specific
> kernel commit):
> Knowing your kernel version, I can create a patch to revert this commit and
> hopefully make hostapd work again.
> Best regards,
> Mihai

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