Problems starting hostapd 2.0

Mihai Moldovan ionic
Tue Jan 29 08:05:13 PST 2013

* On 29.01.2013 10:02 AM, Antonio Toma wrote:
> I'm facing problems trying to upgrade from hostapd 1.1 to 2.0 in ArchLinux.
> The daemon fails to start using the same configuration that used to
> work for (and still works if I downgrade to) 1.1
What kernel version are you using? Can you please send me the debug log created with
hostapd -dd /path/to/config

Compressed or uncompressed, I don't mind. Start up hostapd, then have one STA
trying to connect and once it says "authentication failed", or something along
those lines, then terminate hostapd.
However, don't necessarily post the file to the list, as there is a 25kbyte
message size limit...

You may be facing the same problems I do (and have backtraced to a specific
kernel commit):

Knowing your kernel version, I can create a patch to revert this commit and
hopefully make hostapd work again.

Best regards,


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