Is it possible to get the information of a packet in hostapd just like we did in Wireshark?

Chun Chien johnyluyte
Wed Jan 30 04:08:31 PST 2013

Dear all:

Hello, I'm a college student learning hostapd.
My question may be stupid but it really confused me.

To be brief, my question is similiar to this thread:

I would like to know that, is it possible to get the information of a
packet(length/size/payload data) in hostapd just like we did in Wireshark?

I used a Laptop running hostapd, with wired Internet connection eth0 and
wireless interface wlan2. And I used a android phone to connect to the
Internet via hostapd running on the laptop.

I supposed that the packets sent from the phone to the Internet should go
through the following path.
Phone WiFi interface -> wlan2 of laptop -> Hostapd running on laptop ->
eth0 of laptop -> The Internet
Is this correct?

If so, could we intercept the packets during the process?
What file should I modify in order to achieve it?
I've been tracing the source code for several days. Starting with eloop.c
,functions/files which registered with the callback function. Then libln
and driver_nl80211.c. But couldn't find the answer.

I'm sorry for my poor English.
Any hint would be appreciated. Thanks you very much.

Best Regards,
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