Extending 802.1X supplicant to support 2010 standard

Haleva, Emir Emir halevaa
Wed Jan 30 01:45:52 PST 2013


My name is Emir and I work for Avaya Company
We are running wpa_supplicant on our (wired) phones and need to extend the implementation to support to 802.1X-2010 standard.

We are currently using v1.0, but I have noted that it is not supported also on v2.0.
Have you considered this in the past and/or have some overall plan of what should be changed?
In addition, can you recommend how to test these changes?

(Obviously I would be happy to contribute these changes back to the project once they are tested)

Thanks in advance


Emir Haleva
Software engineer
Avaya ITC

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