More APs with single SSID

Milan Krčmář krcmar
Sun Jan 27 03:20:32 PST 2013

As far as I know, the 802.11r does not help to solve the problem
described. It will speed the handoff process up, but does not
influence STA's original decision to roam to another AP. My problem is
much more fundamental than this.

My problem occurs even in open networks without 802.11i. Imagine a
notebook (Wi-Fi STA) watching 10 Mbit HD video stream over HTTP with
client-side buffer of several seconds. When such a notebook moves to
another room and gets closer to another AP, the user would not mention
even a 3 seconds interruption of HTTP stream should the STA roam. But
the STA stays associated with the now weaker AP and must lower
modulation below 10 Mbit, so the stream stops playing when the buffer
gets emptied.


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