Resubmitting: Help with compiling hostap against libnl

Richard Willis richard.willis
Mon Feb 18 10:08:12 PST 2013

Hi, I submitted a problem making the hostap project, I guess it bounced because it was too big?

I used libnl-3.2.21 and cross-compiled it on an Ubuntu machine. Config options for libnl were;
--host = arm-linux-gnueabi
--prefix = /home/devel/BeagleBone_Angstrom/NewSrc/targetfiles/etc
--sysconfdir = /home/devel/BeagleBone_Angstrom/NewSrc/targetfiles/etc

make fails at the link point, many errors. I'm guessing this is the wrong version of libnl? Can anyone tell me what version of libnl that hostap is designed to link to?


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