hostapd segfault, unable to restart, unable to compile 2.0

Mihai Moldovan ionic
Sat Aug 31 11:16:03 PDT 2013

* On 31.08.2013 05:42 PM, Norman Henderson wrote:
> For the record, I also had to install libssl-dev to get
> hostapd to build. Somehow I didn't find a list of prerequisites, but
> this one was obvious after the experience with libnl.

(sudo) apt-get build-dep <package> installs the necessary packages for building
<package>. This would have pulled in libssl-dev as well. But that's only
accurate for the hostapd package within Ubuntu's repository (i.e., this very old

That's generally the way to fetch build dependencies.

> "make install" puts the binaries in /usr/local/bin, whereas the old
> Ubuntu packaged install was to /usr/sbin/hostapd and
> /usr/bin/hostapd_cli.

Yes, that's tunable in the Makefile.

> I also (for my environment) had to enable WPS in the .config file.
> Otherwise hostapd chokes on the related entries in hostapd.conf.

Well, yeah, the .config file is supposed to be edited before building to
enable/disable stuff you do not need. Mostly enable features, though.

> In some future release it would be nicer to issue a warning and continue
> :)

I disagree, because it does semantically not make sense. What good is a config
file when half of its content is discarded, because the necessary bits have not
been compiled in? Erroring out is sane.

Glad to be of assistance.


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