hostapd segfault, unable to restart, unable to compile 2.0

Norman Henderson norm.audrey
Sat Aug 31 08:42:44 PDT 2013

Thanks very much Mihai, this is resolved now. Yes I used
--prefix=/usr. For the record, I also had to install libssl-dev to get
hostapd to build. Somehow I didn't find a list of prerequisites, but
this one was obvious after the experience with libnl.

"make install" puts the binaries in /usr/local/bin, whereas the old
Ubuntu packaged install was to /usr/sbin/hostapd and

I also (for my environment) had to enable WPS in the .config file.
Otherwise hostapd chokes on the related entries in hostapd.conf. In
some future release it would be nicer to issue a warning and continue

I appreciate all the help on this first-time effort!


On 8/31/13, Mihai Moldovan <ionic at> wrote:
> Please do not reply to digests and don't full-quote, only the necessary
> bits.
> * On 31.08.2013 12:05 AM, Norman Henderson wrote:
>> Thanks Mihai. As there is no libnl2 or libnl3 package for Ubuntu
>> Lucid, I downloaded source for libnl 3.2.22 and built and installed it
>> without apparent incident [...]
> Great. Did you use the configure switch provided there, i.e. --prefix=/usr?
> If yes, you're almost good to go.
> In your hostapd sources dir, open the .config file and add or change
> Comment out other CONFIG_LIBNL* lines there.
> Try building hostapd again.
> Mihai

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