about "IBSS RSN: Add a timeout for Authentication frame exchange"

Nicolas Cavallari nicolas.cavallari
Wed Aug 28 11:46:40 PDT 2013

On 28/08/2013 20:37, Antonio Quartulli wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 08:28:43PM +0200, Nicolas Cavallari wrote:
>> On 28/08/2013 19:08, Antonio Quartulli wrote:
>>> - assuming that both the peers support Auth exchange, in case of frame loss, I
>>>   think it would be better to delete the station and try again, rather than
>>>   ignoring the Auth exchange at all. What do you think?
>> Especially since this is what will happen anyway since your kernel patch
>> to expire unauthenticated stations has been applied.
> Right. So this will happen automatically.
>> Manually resending an authentication frame might be another option, but
>> it will not work if the peer does not support auth exchange at all.
> In the latter case the other peer will immediately start sending EAPOL 1/4.
> So we will do the same right after.

Not necessarily. If i remember the standard correctly, the decision to
try to authenticate with peers is a local policy. The other peer may
simply not try to authenticate with you, but it must respond to your
request anyway.

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