PREQ handling in hostap on Android

Benjamin Grap benjamin.grap
Wed Sep 26 05:03:54 PDT 2012


I am currently developing an application that uses hostapd.
I have implemented the functionality on a genuine Linux netbook in 
hostapd 0.7.3 and 1.0.

My application acts upon specific PREQ packets. For my Linux netbooks 
with an atheros card this works. Receiving PREQs triggers the 
handle_probe_req function in ap/beacon.c which I can then use to send 
messages to my backend.

However in the hostapd 0.7.2. from android 4.1 on a Galaxy Nexus phone, 
PREQs do not seem to ever trigger that function.

I assume that those PREQs are already handled by the driver on those 
devices and never passed to hostapd? But my application relies on 
receiving those PREQ packets and I was wondering whether there was 
something that I could do that would pass the PREQs to hostapd.

Any comments on the inner working of the Android hostapd/driver 
combination will be much appreciated.


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