802.1X can associate but can not connect

Mahesh Palivela maheshp
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Not sure if this is the right mail-list but I was referred to this
mail-list to seek help.

I already asked for help in #linuxwireles chat room and Ubuntu Forums and
didn't get any help.

I copy pasted the question from forum post below, I would like to refer to
URL of the forum post but list-serv does not accept URL in email. (How can
I include link to forum post?)
The forum post contains all necessary information (system info, logs, etc.).

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I need desperate help regarding my wireless connection problem. I cannot
connect to my university's wireless network which uses WEP802.1X security.
When I switch to Windows Vista, I can connect to university wireless
But when I use Ubuntu, I cannot connect.
Also, when I use Ubuntu, I can connect to other wireless networks either
non-password-protected or WEP password protected networks. But I cannot
connect to enterprise networks.

The problem seems not related to Ubuntu per se, but one of the network
related packages (ie. wpa_supplicant, dhclient, etc).
I need help from an expert. I hope the right person reads this post and
helps me.

If you want me to perform debugging tests or tasks please let me know.

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