Problems with multiple VAPs in hostap and roaming

Simon Wunderlich simon.wunderlich
Wed Sep 12 06:59:10 PDT 2012


just to bump this thread as there was no reaction so far - has anyone seen
this problem or can comment on it? It should affect everyone using multissid
with WPA, I think.


On Sun, Sep 02, 2012 at 11:08:55PM +0200, Simon Wunderlich wrote:
> [I'm resending this e-mail because it seems the original one got dropped
>  on the mailing list, sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.]
> Hello hostap devs,
> we are using hostapd with multiple virtual APs (one open AP and one
> secured AP) in one hostap session. For some clients (especially Apple
> maschines) we see the following behaviour: When changing from the
> open AP to the secure AP by selecting the other network in the clients
> GUI, the clients authentication will most of the time fail (often after
> WPA-handshake packet no 2/4).
> It seems that hostapd gets a disassociation event for this client
> very late, and as a consequence deauthenticates the client on the secured
> AP - even if this is not the AP the event was sent for. This is easily
> reproducable and will happen a couple of times until the authentication
> is succesful.
> We have workaround solution for older hostapd versions (for OpenWRT)
> by generally disabling WPA_DRIVER_FLAGS_DEAUTH_TX_STATUS in drv->capa.flags,
> but this workaround seems not to work in hostapd trunk anymore
> (tested on compat-wireless-v3.2.5-1 and compat-wireless-v3.5.1-1).
> Unfortunately I failed to make a proper solution (station/event handling is
> quite complex), so I'd like to ask for your ideas or assistance. :)
> Thanks,
>         Simon

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