Problems with multiple VAPs in hostap and roaming

Simon Wunderlich simon.wunderlich
Sun Sep 2 14:08:55 PDT 2012

[I'm resending this e-mail because it seems the original one got dropped
 on the mailing list, sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.]

Hello hostap devs,

we are using hostapd with multiple virtual APs (one open AP and one
secured AP) in one hostap session. For some clients (especially Apple
maschines) we see the following behaviour: When changing from the
open AP to the secure AP by selecting the other network in the clients
GUI, the clients authentication will most of the time fail (often after
WPA-handshake packet no 2/4).

It seems that hostapd gets a disassociation event for this client
very late, and as a consequence deauthenticates the client on the secured
AP - even if this is not the AP the event was sent for. This is easily
reproducable and will happen a couple of times until the authentication
is succesful.

We have workaround solution for older hostapd versions (for OpenWRT)
by generally disabling WPA_DRIVER_FLAGS_DEAUTH_TX_STATUS in drv->capa.flags,
but this workaround seems not to work in hostapd trunk anymore
(tested on compat-wireless-v3.2.5-1 and compat-wireless-v3.5.1-1).

Unfortunately I failed to make a proper solution (station/event handling is
quite complex), so I'd like to ask for your ideas or assistance. :)

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