802.11u issue

Shariq Haseeb shariq.haseeb
Tue Sep 4 04:02:18 PDT 2012


I am trying to set-up 802.11u testbed with EAP-SIM. I have already setup the AP and RADIUS server. However, when I start my wpa_supplicant, the get the following error:

wlan3: BSS: Add new id 27 BSSID 06:0e:8e:3f:bd:91 SSID 'guest'
wlan3: BSS: Add new id 28 BSSID 00:1b:2a:95:8a:91 SSID 'guest'
BSS: last_scan_res_used=29/32 last_scan_full=0
wlan3: New scan results available
wlan3: No suitable network found
wlan3: Interworking: start ANQP fetch since no matching networks found
wlan3: Starting ANQP fetch for 1c:7e:e5:c9:dd:56
Interworking: ANQP Query Request to 1c:7e:e5:c9:dd:56
Interworking: ANQP Query info - hexdump(len=6): 01 01 08 01 0c 01
GAS: Starting request for 1c:7e:e5:c9:dd:56 dialog_token 0
GAS: Send action frame to 1c:7e:e5:c9:dd:56 len=19 freq=2437
Off-channel: Send action frame: freq=2437 dst=1c:7e:e5:c9:dd:56 src=fc:75:16:04:91:1e bssid=1c:7e:e5:c9:dd:56 len=19
Off-channel: Schedule Action frame to be transmitted once the driver gets to the requested channel
Off-channel: Failed to request driver to remain on channel (2437 MHz) for Action Frame TX
GAS: Failed to send Action frame to 1c:7e:e5:c9:dd:56
ANQP: Failed to send Query Request
wlan3: Checking for other virtual interfaces sharing same radio (phy1) in event_scan_results

I am using carl9170 compat-wireless-2012-09-03 driver with USB atheros card. Here is my spa_supplicant config file:


Any idea what I am doing wrong?



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