Initial connection problems

Christian Lamparter chunkeey
Sat Sep 1 14:53:15 PDT 2012

On Saturday 01 September 2012 22:24:38 Thomas Schaaf wrote:
> I am using hostapd to create an unencrypted wireless network. On
> this machine I also have an FTP Server running. For my camera I
> have the Canon WFT-E5 Adapter which provides the camera with the
> possibility to connect to a provided WIFI Network and send images
> via FTP.
> The setup works occasionally.

> The first time I connect to the network I get an IP from the DHCP
> Server (as seen in syslog & camera config) but I am unable to ping the
> camera and it is unable to send me images. Sadly there are no log
> files provided by canon except the error message "Cannot connect to
> FTP".

What happens if you add an arp entry for your camera by hand after
you start hostapd, but before the camera joins the network?

arp -s 00:00:85:ff:81:cc

(If this works, then I'm afraid you have to take your case to
linux-wireless at and Cc rtlwifi maintainers:
Larry Finger <Larry.Finger at>,
Chaoming Li <chaoming_li at>. As it sounds like
the AP driver/hw has problems with delivering broadcast
frames (arp-requests in your case) at the "correct time"
(i.e.: right after a DTIM beacon (every third beacon in
your case / every ~307.4ms)).


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