p2p_invite issue!

Jouni Malinen j
Sat Jun 16 09:13:17 PDT 2012

On Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 11:44:24PM +0000, Shah, Nirav J2 wrote:
> I running p2p_invite using the following use case and falling into wps issues.  (PS: I am running on HWSIM )
> Here are the steps I am running.
> On Machine M1
> p2p_group_add
>                 <G1 group name >
> wps_pbc <G1_mac>   /*This step has no impact on the error*/
> p2p_find

Does that really work for you with mac80211_hwsim? I'm getting scan
failures and p2p_find FAIL when trying this with the GO running. Or did
you use separate group interface?

> p2p_invite group=G1 peer=<mac_M2>

Do you leave p2p_find running when running this? Please note that
p2p_find is pretty much trying to use all possible time for device
discovery and that makes it quite difficult to do any concurrent

> Am I am doing something wrong (or missing something) in the above steps?

Other than missing p2p_stop_find on the GO, I did not notice incorrect

> In the meantime I do see the interface go up on M2. Looking at the code  it goes past provisioning successfully.
> After that I believe it is trying to do wps authentication and failing there. I think the wps enrollee keeps scanning for the GO. The GO keeps receiving probe request and responds.
> But the enrollee doesn't try to authenticate as wps_is_selected_pbc_registrar() fails in wpas_wps_ssid_bss_match() with the message without active PBC Registrar

Please send debug log from both the GO and the P2P client. When I try to
do this with mac80211_hwsim (though, with single interface and p2p_find
on the GO prior to running p2p_group_add), invitation and p2p_connect
join seem to work fine.

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