p2p_invite issue!

Shah, Nirav J2 nirav.j2.shah
Thu Jun 14 16:44:24 PDT 2012


I running p2p_invite using the following use case and falling into wps issues.  (PS: I am running on HWSIM )

Here are the steps I am running.

On Machine M1

                <G1 group name >

wps_pbc <G1_mac>   /*This step has no impact on the error*/

//find machine M2

p2p_invite group=G1 peer=<mac_M2>

On Machine M2

//find machine M1/G1

p2p_connect <mac_M1> pbc join.

Am I am doing something wrong (or missing something) in the above steps?

Error Descrition
I see a stream of prints on the cli with


After 60 seconds I get  group formation failure.

In the meantime I do see the interface go up on M2. Looking at the code  it goes past provisioning successfully.

After that I believe it is trying to do wps authentication and failing there. I think the wps enrollee keeps scanning for the GO. The GO keeps receiving probe request and responds.

But the enrollee doesn't try to authenticate as wps_is_selected_pbc_registrar() fails in wpas_wps_ssid_bss_match() with the message without active PBC Registrar

Does anyone know how to solve this? Any help is much appreciated.


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