hostap 1.1-devel

Chinchilla, Angie V angie.v.chinchilla
Fri Jul 6 17:10:03 PDT 2012

I've picked up the following commits in 1.1-devel from 2.0-devel:

0f27f15911c4ed68e757f3af9f65f7696a321876 EAP-pwd: Increase maximum number of hunting-and-pecking iterations
7be6dc2e96f160743a8db0fb7bc62cd713a00c7c WPS: Fix NFC password token building with WPS 2.0
c1c023429b8e839bfb6505c224ae74fd3f1ae7ad Set state to DISCONNECTED on auth/assoc failures
f33bc035824a39017a25bedd7017a3ddf6bec866 P2P: Fix P2P Client Discoverability bit updates
198f82a1e3f78fd478e879185c43965c25840e0d P2P: Ignore unexpected GO Neg Resp is we have sent Resp
476dea24fffca37ebc1011840449e89ed4b8f49a WPS: Cancel WPS operation also in DISCONNECTED state
5b3763336466f2c55611437cb924aeee45f7203e P2P: Fix scan_res_handler setting for p2p_scan

If you have a commit from the main 2.0-devel that you would like
picked up in 1.x please tag it with "intended-for: hostap-1" at
commit time or send me an email with the 2.0-devel commit id.


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