hostapd cross compilation error

uday kiran kaniki.uday
Wed Jan 11 12:01:05 PST 2012

Hi Ben Greear

Yes , I am following the same procedure as you mentioned for libnl

But dynamic libraries are not created after "make install"

I traced back the problem.

in libnl configure file , because of dynamic_linking= no flag, dynamic
library creation is also set to "no" because of which nl and genl dynamic
libraries are getting genereated.

Hence the question is "if i use ./configure --host=powerpc" why
dynamic_linking is being set to "no" ? Do I need to make any changes to
configure file ?

I am suspecting that dynamic linking is not supported for powerpc. If that
is the case, do I need to statically link nl and genl with hostapd ?

I am trying to understand this.

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