[PROPOSAL] Add hostapd.conf parameter to skip check for neighboring BSS (prevent fallback in 150Mb mode)

Mihai Moldovan ionic
Tue Feb 7 06:32:11 PST 2012

Hello Valeriy,

is this even legal? AFAIK, some checking is required, for instance as
part of radar detection.

If it's not, I don't see any chance of a configuration option.

Best regards,


* On 07.02.2012 03:29 PM, Valeriy Kucherenko wrote:
> The problem is that in my house about 12 access points that prevent me to enter 300Mb throughput mode because of check for neighboring BSSes. It would be very nice if I had the opportunity to skip this check by setting some configuration parametes (for ex. skip_interfere_bss_check=1). Currently I solving this by modifying hw_features.c and adding oper40=1 just before check if (!oper40) but I guess that this is not correct and the hostapd anyway sometimes falling back in 150Mb more again.
> Thanks.
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