Issue with scan result based on beacon frame

Jouni Malinen j
Tue Dec 25 02:09:37 PST 2012

On Thu, Nov 22, 2012 at 05:09:20PM +0530, mahesh kumar wrote:
> In case of P2P
>    - config_method attribute value in scan result will be 0 if the scan
>    result is based on the beacon frame.
>    - From GUI if we try to connect the peer (with config_method 0), this
>    results in WpsInfo.DISPLAY method which is not the expected behavior.

GUI or at least some layers above wpa_supplicant will likely need to be
aware of this possible case with P2P and not assume config_methods=0
indicate anything about the capabilities of the peer.

>       Possible solutions:
>    - ignore the scan_result with config method as 0 in the supplicant. OR
>    - framework should not update peer info, instead send p2p_find command.

Since lot of the information is available from Beacon frames, I don't
think wpa_supplicant should ignore them. However, whatever is above
wpa_supplicant can either hide such entries, or even better, try to
issue p2p_find if the user is trying to perform operation that needs to
know the configuration methods that the peer supports.

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