[PATCH] P2P: Do not return an error response if driver has return noa_len greater than 0

Neeraj Garg nrjgarg
Thu Oct 27 23:46:27 PDT 2011

If the driver returns a valid noa attribute and curr_noa_len > 0, we should
reutrn P2P Presence response as P2P_SC_SUCCESS instead of
UNABLE_TO_ACCODATE. The problem is p2p_process_presence_req takes the status
response from p2p_group_presence_req function and then puts this status in
P2P Presence response. With the present code, if curr_noa_len==0, then only
we send a SUCCESS response.
I agree that calling function p2p_group_presence_req() is not required as we
are anyways again calling get_noa in the function p2p_process_presence_req.
But then alternatively, we should not use status variable to send the P2P
presence response OR status variable should be dependent upon get_noa call
in function p2p_process_presence_req.

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