Subject: [PATCH] P2P Provision discovery to be sent to GO operating freq

Neeraj Garg nrjgarg
Thu Oct 20 23:15:08 PDT 2011

In some occurrences, when listen_freq and the final operating frequency of
the GO are different, then the current supplicant code in p2p_pd.c ends up
sending provision discovery request frame to the listen frequency. Since GO
is no longer listening on listen_freq (it has moved to oper channel), frame
doesn't get received by GO.
Supplicant code in p2p.c update the listen_freq and the operating frequency
both in the add_device context. But at the time of sending the provision
discovery, it checks if listen_freq is 0 or not.
I have created a patch for this problem. In the add_device context, we will
update the go_state as REMOTE_GO.

Please see the patch and let me know if it is good to apply.

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