Jouni Malinen j
Wed Oct 19 14:23:23 PDT 2011

On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 04:08:50PM +0000, Martinsson Patrik wrote:
> I would like to manually do a "full reauthentication", same as what's being done when the PMKReauthThreshold is being reached.
> Is that possible through the wpa_cli, I cant really find it  ?

I don't think this is currently supported, but it should be trivial to
add such functionality. All this would need is a new command that would
call eapol_sm_request_reauth(wpa_s->eapol). The logoff/logon command
pair would end up doing something pretty close to this, but it is not
identical because of the Logoff packet being sent.

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