P2p_peers command

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According the second issue I prepared a patch. I added a new state in p2p_device structure that keeps information about status of connection. 
Now p2p_devices aren't removed from the list of peers when p2p devices are connected.

Please look at it maybe will be useful.

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Marek Kwaczynski  

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On Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 12:45:05PM +0300, Marek.Kwaczynski at tieto.com wrote:
> I would like to ask about p2p_peers command and P2P_PEER_EXPIRATION_AGE time. Is it correct behaviour that all p2p_devices are removed from list of peers although they are send Probe Requests all time?

No, that does not sound intended.

> The filed last_seen from p2p_device structure isn't updated because this device is known. From my point of view if the device is active every time this field should be updated. I attached patch with small change that fixes this issue. Maybe you decide that it is useful.

Thanks, applied.

> When two devices are connected (the first one is GO and the second one is p2p_client)  they don't send Probe Requests/Responses beetwen each other and it is a root cause that they are removed from list of peers. Is it correct? Maybe these devices should be kept on the list during connection?

It would sound reasonable to maintain the entries through the connection and P2P_PEER_EXPIRATION_AGE seconds after the connection has been lost.

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