How to get notification of new 802.1x authentications?

Ed W lists
Mon Mar 14 06:11:41 PDT 2011

Hi, I am implementing a captive portal that I would like to integrate
with hostapd to offer 802.1x authenticated access

What are my options to get notifications of new authenticated clients
via 802.1x please?  It seems like I might be able to use the control
socket, and watching hostapd_cli I see a basic notification of a MAC
connect?  However, I haven't found any good documentation on the
unsolicited results, and the source is quite hard to read around this?

Is it possible to get DBUS notifications from hostapd on new client
connect and auth?  Google finds me some patch activity around dbus, and
the source shows me some wpa_supplicant dbus functions, but it's not
obvious that there is hostapd/dbus notifications?

Anyone got a few mins to point me in the right direction please?


Ed W

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