Howto 802.11r

Carlos Fernández csfndz
Fri Mar 4 10:11:37 PST 2011


Does somebody know of a howto out there to get started with roaming using 802.11r?

I tried a configuration with two APs and a STA based on a configuration I found on this list using FT-PSK ( 

The STA can connect to each one of the APs but roaming fails (issuing roam <hwaddr>) and the STA returns to the AP it already knows. The APs run on two computers conected via LAN, bridging of the APs is configured. When the STA is conected to one of the APs it also can talk to the computer running the other AP, so the "backbone" works. BTW: The same happens using virtual WLAN (mac80211hwsim).

Currently I'm not sure what should happen in the background, so I'm looking for a starting point. Later I also want to get this running with a separate Radius running. If necessary I can post more details.



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