VLAN 802.1Q / nl80211 / Bridge

Stephan Jauch stephan
Wed Mar 2 02:20:29 PST 2011


we've got a problem with hostapd on OpenWRT router.
Our wireless clients should connect to different vlans on the router. We
don't use RADIUS at the moment and no encryption on the wireless network.

My essential parameters are:

In hostapd.vlan is the mapping vlan id to interface.
I assigned a hostapd.accept-list with accept_mac_file=/etc/hostapd.accept.
This file contains MAC addresses and vlan ids.

When I start hostapd the interfaces and vlans are created an every vlan
got it's own bridge brvlan#
OpenWrt has a standard bridge br-lan with eth0 and wlan0. How can I
combine the vlan-bridges to eth0?

IMHO it should be possible to ping each wireless client, when we are on
the router via ssh no matter on which vlan we are.

Thanks in advance,

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