[PATCH] Add dbus signal for information about server certification

Michael Chang mchang
Mon Jun 20 23:59:46 PDT 2011

> How does the 'cert' dict member come out? ?It's marked as a STRING type,
> is it a string of hex chars or something else? ?If it's a string of hex
> chars, shouldn't the dict member's type be a byte array (ay) instead?

It should be nul terminated string transformed by wpa_snprintf_hex()
from streams of hex chars. For your reference, the relevant code (in
src/eap_peer/eap.c) is depicted below:

? In function eap_peer_sm_tls_event() :
    size_t len = wpabuf_len(data->peer_cert.cert) * 2 + 1;
    cert_hex = os_malloc(len);
    wpa_snprintf_hex(cert_hex, len,

Thanks for babysitting my patch. :)

Michael Chang

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