Is it possible to modify hostapd for the purpose of sharping buffered frames in 802.11 power saving mode?

Xin Gu eric.nevup
Fri Jun 17 00:42:31 PDT 2011

Hello everyone,

I am doing research in 802.11 power saving mode in my university, and now I
am trying to control the sending of packets in PSM for the purpose of saving
more energy. The control I mentioned before means the ability to check the
content of incoming frames, decide when to send them, even generate a new
frame.  for instance, check the content of the buffered frames, apply a
specific algorithm, then delay the sending of some frames to later beacon.

Because of above requirements I find Hostapd, I want to evaluate if Hostapd
is possible to achieve this goal. Based on the description of the project I
am a bit worry that I might need to explore the drivers for this goal? I
hope I am wrong and I really appreciate if you can give any advice, approach
or related information.


Best Regards,
Xin Gu
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