0.6.10 vs 0.7.3-2

Patrik Modesto patrik.modesto
Thu Jun 9 23:44:32 PDT 2011

On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 19:17, Davide <louigi600 at yahoo.it> wrote:
> It looks like hostapd is using ioctl's that have changed in the kernel.

I quite don't understand this. I changed the hostapd and not the
kernel. There must heve been a change in the hostapd that is not
supported by hostap driver. I don't think ioctls change that
dramatically in kernel modules.

> Your best bet is probably to wait for an authoritative answer fro ML ... if you want to play in the mean while you could try a snapshot from the developement version http://hostap.epitest.fi/releases/snapshots/hostapd-0.8-snapshot.tar.gz
> or you could try the nl80211 driver instead (if your card is amongst the ones thata have already moved to mac80211)
> or you can try bothe :-)

I'll try the snapshot and let you know.

> If you have other wifi cards (even usb ones) you can try the nl80211 with them (hostapd will do the dirty work and no need for firmware mode hostap).
> I'm using hostapd on a usb dongle rt2870: I've seen hostapd work better on other cards but appart from some glinches ans some timeouts while associating it seems to work.
> You're using pcmcia wifi card. I guess that you might be using some old laptop. You do know that you can buy a TP-Link AP/Router/3G gateways products for around 35 Euro ? Tey will be very much less power thirsty then any kind of x86 machine.

I'm using my companys notebook which is DELL E5500 and it has PCMCIA
slot, it's not that old. I have PCMCIA XI-330 card with PRISM2 chipset
from the early wifi-boom days and I'm using it to create an AP for my
mobile phone here. I know I can get quite cheaply newer HW but this
card was among the most stable wifi cards. Just the new hostapd
somehow forget how to handle it.


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