Using wpa_ctrl.h in a external programm

Guy Morand Morand
Wed Jul 27 05:14:07 PDT 2011

Hello everyone!

I'm playing with wpa_supplicant to configure my wireless network on my 
embedded device. I'd like to configure my wireless network from a web interface 
so I wrote a little daemon to make the communication between my web server 
and wpa_supplicant working.

At the moment I'm using wpa_cli that is working great. However, I'd like to 
avoid a lot of layer and use directly the wpa_ctrl.h interface inside my program
as wpa_cli does and I dislike calling shell program inside C code (system(), 
popen(), ...)

The problem that wpa_supplicant doesn't seem to share its header files 
(usr/includes/) and this is pretty annoying for the compilation... Moreover, 
I'd like to have some static/shared libraries to use with my little daemon, 
something like "libwpa_ctrl.a/so".

Is there any way to generate some shared libraries at the current stage 
of development? Or am I going into the wrong direction ? Is there any 
better way to do it?

Any pointers would be appreciated!


Guy Morand

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