How does hostapd interact with an external RADIUS server?

Harshal Chhaya harshal
Thu Jul 14 05:52:56 PDT 2011


I am using freeRADIUS as an external authenticator with hostapd (not
by choice but due to some compatibility issues with the client) in a
WPA2-PEAP network.

My understanding is that the RADIUS server is used only during
authentication and then for re-keying but is out of the picture during
normal data transfer.

I am curious what happens if the freeRADIUS server dies. Does hostapd
(somehow) disassociate all clients who then have to re-connect and

I am seeing clients dropping off the network around the same time the
freeRADIUS server is dying (still investigating that problem) and I am
curious about the connection between the two events.

- Harshal

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