Removal of obsolete driver interface wrappers

Jouni Malinen j
Mon Jan 10 05:00:46 PST 2011

hostap.git includes number of driver interface wrappers that are not
really used anymore with any recent kernel version. I have not wanted to
remove these too early, but maybe it is finally time to get rid of some
obsolete src/driver/driver_*.c files.

Is anyone aware of any valid use for the following driver wrappers or
can I remove them without problems from hostap.git (0.8.x branch; the
older branches will still end up including these files)?

- vendor-specific interface for ATMEL AT76C5XXx cards
- for some old out-of-tree driver; not for the upstream atmel*

- vendor-specific interface for an out-of-tree driver
- ndiswrapper should work with driver_wext.c, too

- vendor-specific interface for old ipw2100/2200 driver
- the upstream driver works with driver_wext.c (and does not work
  with the old interface)

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