wpa_supplicant can connect, but reconnect immediately

Dan Williams dcbw
Thu Sep 9 10:21:54 PDT 2010

On Thu, 2010-09-09 at 13:15 -0400, Pavel Roskin wrote:
> On 09/09/10 13:07, Dan Williams wrote:
> > Slight correction; there's usually already some other pligin enabled
> > like ifcfg-rh, ifupdown, ifcfg-suse, etc.  If that's the case, you want:
> >
> > [main]
> > plugins=ifcfg-rh,keyfile
> Thank you for posting this instruction!  It should be in a FAQ somewhere.

It's been in NM manpages (man NetworkManager and man
NetworkManager.conf) for a while, and there is documentation on
http://live.gnome.org/NetworkManager but it could certainly be more
clearly stated in a FAQ-type page.  Suggestion noted :)


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