QoS determination at send_eapol

yogeshp yogeshp
Tue May 25 03:55:16 PDT 2010

Hi J,
Hostapd generates non-qos eapol request/responses even for WME enabled
stations; eg., while rekeying GTK. Because of this some wireless client
behaves strangely.

Code for generation of QoS eapol frames is already present (see.,
driver_nl80211.c) but currently its commented out because station
specific QoS information is missing at 'send_eapol'.

Correct me If I am wrong; there are multiple ways of sharing this QoS
information with driver_  a) "Qos"  can be kept as a parameter to this
function and sent down from SM. b) We can implement something like
".sta_get_flags" or retrieve "station_parameters" information via
".read_sta_data" callback.

Kindly guide me with correct approach.


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