wpa_supplicant and rfkill

Gregy p.gregy
Thu May 13 13:31:42 PDT 2010

Hello, I would like to ask you if you use wpa_supplicant and rfkill at
the same time? I am trying to, but it seems wpa_supplicant doesn't
understand this feature. If I rfkill wlan while wpa_supplicant is
running and then unblock it wpa_supplicant doesn't try to
re-initialize the interface, it is stuck in loop:

Failed to initiate AP scan.
ioctl[SIOCSIWSCAN]: Network is down
Failed to initiate AP scan.

If I attempt to start wpa_supplicant on rfkilled interface it just says:

Could not set interface wlan0 flags: Unknown error 132
Failed to initialize driver interface

I think that in both cases it should just wait for rfkill unblock.

Is there something I am missing?

Thank you.

Petr Gregor

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