wpa_supplicant: bad 802.1X supplicant behavior

Elmahrad, Abdelghani Abdel.Elmahrad
Tue Jun 15 02:57:41 PDT 2010

One of customer shared with us the following problem. As we don`t have
entry on this issue in our database and the problem is not obvious to
replicate, i am mailing hostap!
We are using wpa_supplicant 0.6.10 (latest stable) under Linux to
perform wired 802.1x authentication in IP phones.

- When we connect a supplicant on the PC port of the phone, the
authentication of this device triggers a new authentication of the
phone 30sec later. Indeed, the phone sends an eapol_start to the
switch which in turn starts a new authentication procedure. Note
that the switch port is not configured to perform re-authentication.
This re-authentication should theorically not happen.

In resume once the phone is authenticated, if we plug a PC behind the
phone (Supplicant B), it leads to an unexpected re-authentification of
the phone (Supplicant A) each times the PC authenticates.
I can provide more details and capture if it can help.
thanks for the help and regards,
Abdel E.
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