Internal Radius with EAP-TTLS/EAP-TLS setup

Franz-Eduardo Sanchez FSanchez
Tue Jun 15 00:57:35 PDT 2010

I have running a hostapd with EAP-TLS (internal Radius) on my computer and now I want to use EAP-TTLS/EAP-TLS. According from their website it is possible but I can?t figure out how to configure it.
I can't find the option in the example configuration Hostapd.eap_user ( 

so my question:
Could anyone give me an example with TTLS with mutual certificate-based authentication for the internal radius? Or it is only possible with an external Radius Server like FreeRadius?

My wpa_supplicant.conf is based on this thread 

The final plan is to have several clients which are able to connect to several servers (with central management of the certificates). 


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