wpa_supplicant on Windows takes a long time to connect to WLAN

Vieri rentorbuy
Tue Feb 9 07:33:56 PST 2010


I'm running wpa_supplicant on Windows XP clients with Ralink wlan nic driver v. They connect to Linksys WAP2000 access points with "WPA-Enterprise" wireless security.
I've setup a Linux freeradius server for the authentication.

Sometimes, wifi connection works relatively quickly and as "expected".
However, quite frequently I have problems connecting to the network (ie. I can easily reproduce the problem).

Here's an example:

I freshly booted both the Windows XP client and the Access Point. I also restarted the Freeradius service.

I tried to connect with wpa_supplicant at 5:58 pm.

It asked for my "identity" at 6:03:45 pm...

Finally, it didn't make sense to keep waiting for the "password" dialog so I aborted the whole process at 6:14 pm.
During the whole time, wpa_gui notified that it was "associated" to the access point (and repeatedly disconnected).

Can anyone please shed some light as to what's happening?

I'm attaching the wpa_supplicant debug log. I can also send the freeradius log if required.



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