WPA with TKIP done

Marty Galyean marty
Wed Sep 2 05:06:00 PDT 2009

Andriy Tkachuk wrote:
> If sincerely, I can not imagine how an attacker could organize 
> man-in-the-middle attack to the setup where the AP directly see the 
> STAtion staying physically unnoticeable.
Coming out of lurk mode here.  Maybe I'm missing your point but I'm not
sure what you mean here.  Please excuse me if I'm off base.  The
attacker doesn't literally have to physically be in between the AP and
STA, right?  The "middle" part just means the attacker is posing as the
STA to the AP from any location that can receive both the AP and STA
packets.  This could be a couple of hundred feet away or more with the
right antenna.

Thanks for your synopsis of the countermeasures already in the code
though, they are reassuring.  Now if only my lowly Belkin would let me
set the re-key interval.  <sigh>


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