Wep Problem When WPS is active

Can ILHAN ilhancan
Tue Sep 1 08:38:51 PDT 2009


I am using hostapd-0.7.0_pre with WPS feature enabled and having a wep
problem when a windows client tries to connect my AP.
Windows client (this happens with my 2 client [namely intel 2200 and atheros
chipset one] on both XP and Vista) thinks that wep configured AP may have a
EAP server running and sends a EAPOL-start packet in case its behind a
802.1x radius server. Since AP is configured to reply an EAPOL packet (for
WPS operation), it replies the message (as a possible WPS request) and
client asks for a certificate. AP probably doesnt understand this request
and stops replying. On the other side, client waits for a certificate reply
till the user cancel the connection.

This can be resolved by disabling 802.1x authentication support (with smart
card or other Certificate option) from window's wireless zero config.
However, I would like to make it work for any windows client w/o changing
that option (which is probably set by windows automatically when it sees a
registrar AP).
Any suggestion/answer will be greatly appreciated, thanks from now on.

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