Compilation against libnl git issues

John Klehm xixsimplicityxix
Thu Jun 11 14:13:00 PDT 2009


Is anyone else seeing issues with compiling hostapd git with libnl
git?   I'm getting nl_sock nl_handle mismatch warnings from
driver_nl80211.c but successful compilation (as long as I have
CONFIG_KERNEL_HEADERS CONFIG_LIBNL20 set).  However on execution of
hostapd I receive an ELOOP: socket error with no additional debug
information even with -dd.

Should I assume that the nl_sock nl_handle issues are the cause of
this? If so updating those functions to use the new libnl would
probably resolve it.  I will investigate on my own but I'll be out of
town for 9 days starting tomorrow and wanted to post in case anyone
else was stuck at this point too.

Thanks for everyone's work on hostapd,
--John Klehm

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