[PATCH] UDP remote configuration support via wpa_cli; set the select() timeout or disable select() call

Shawn Rutledge shawn.t.rutledge
Fri Jul 10 14:13:25 PDT 2009

This does 3 things:
1) in wpa_ctrl_open(path), if CONFIG_CTRL_IFACE_UDP then the path can
be an IP address.  (If not, it will default to  So without
any change to wpa_cli, you can do
  wpa_cli -g <remote host>
to connect to the remote host's wpa_supplicant and remotely configure it.
2) change the src/common/Makefile to support a libwpa_ctrl.a target
(for linking to custom client programs)
3) add wpa_ctrl_set_timeout(int microseconds) which controls the
select() statement in the UDP version of wpa_ctrl_request().  If it is
set to -1 then select() will not be called at all, so it will be
possible to have a completely asynchronous (non-blocking) client
interface.  (This is helpful to prevent GUI clients from hanging in
the main event loop.)  The default behavior is the same as it was
hard-coded before: if you do not call wpa_ctrl_set_timeout then it
will be 2 seconds.
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