Small cleanup in hostapd_config

Sebastien Decugis sdecugis
Wed Jan 28 23:21:02 PST 2009


I think that the "radius" pointer in the structure hostapd_config is
never used; when the configuration is parsed the related data is stored
in hostapd_bss_config's "radius" var.

Here is a patch for this change:

--- a/hostapd/config.h
+++ b/hostapd/config.h
@@ -323,7 +323,6 @@ typedef enum {
 struct hostapd_config {
 	struct hostapd_bss_config *bss, *last_bss;
-	struct hostapd_radius_servers *radius;
 	size_t num_bss;
 	u16 beacon_int;

I applied this patch and compiled hostapd without any problem; please
let me know if I missed some other place where the field could be

Best regards,

Sebastien Decugis
Research fellow
Network Architecture Group

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