How to register a timeout to disconnect a sta after a given time?

Arne Keller arnekeller
Tue Jan 6 07:02:16 PST 2009

Hello List,

first of all i want to wish everyone a happy new year!
Now back to business ;) I'm trying to implement a new function in 
hostapd to disconnect a STA after a given time. The goal is to connect a 
client let's say via PSK to the AP fetch a file from the network and 
then AP based disconnect the client from WLAN after two seconds.

I have found the function eloop_register_timeout but right now I don't 
understand how and where to use it.
Can someone give me a short introduction?

out of eloop.h:

int eloop_register_timeout(unsigned int secs, unsigned int usecs,
               eloop_timeout_handler handler,
               void *eloop_data, void *user_data);

// secs: Number of seconds to the timeout
// usecs: Number of microseconds to the timeout
OK I think I understand this so far ;)

// handler: Callback function to be called when timeout occurs
this should be the function to be called to disconnect the STA could 
this be:

// eloop_data: Callback context data (eloop_ctx)
// user_data: Callback context data (sock_ctx)
I have no idea what this is :D

Is it possible to register the timeout at the end of:

thanks in advance


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