Use hostapd to set master mode?

John Klehm xixsimplicityxix
Sat Feb 21 14:32:06 PST 2009

On Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 3:47 PM, Grant <emailgrant at> wrote:
>>> I'm being told in #madwifi that I need to use hostapd to set master
>>> mode with ath5k since iwconfig gives me:
>>> ath0 does not support setting the mode to "master"
>>> I've always set master mode with iwconfig and then started hostapd to
>>> control authentication.  How can I use hostapd to set master mode?
>> By starting it.. Just set driver=nl80211 in hostapd.conf and hostapd
>> takes care of the details.
> I just tried that but I get:
> Failed to set interface ath0 to master mode.
> nl80211 driver initialization failed.
> rmdir[ctrl_interface]: No such file or directory
> ELOOP: remaining socket: sock=5 eloop_data=...
> Could the problem be that my udev renames wlan0 to ath0, or is that
> just an arbitrary label?

What version kernel do you have?  nl80211 requires a pretty recent one.

--John Klehm

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