Multiple BSSIDs with encryption method failed with BroadCom wireless driver

sun keyong sunkeyong
Tue Dec 29 22:32:13 PST 2009

Hi Jouni:

I try to setup two BSSIDs with Madwifi driver, I create two hostapd
configure files. One with interface ath0, the other interface ath1,
The encryption method for the first BSSID is WPA, the encryption method for
the second BSSID is WPA2.
I use hostapd -B hostapd.conf hostapd1.conf, start up two BSSID by hostapd.

The client can associate the AP successfully, but the connection is very
very unstable, the client connet and disconnect and try to connect again,
and then disconnect again. The behaviour is strange.

Do you know why this happen? Thanks very much.

Elvis Sun

2009/12/29 sun keyong <sunkeyong at>

>  2009/12/28 Jouni Malinen <j at>
>> On Mon, Dec 28, 2009 at 05:34:26PM +0800, sun keyong wrote:
>> > I wrote the adaptor of BCM driver with Hostapd, and the hostapd can
>> support
>> > the bcm driver with one bssid.
>> OK.
>> > But I want to set up two BSSIDs with encryption method, the Hostapd can
>> only
>> > support first one with encryption, cliet cannot associate the other one.
>> Are you sure the driver you use supports this?
> *Yes  I am sure of this, this driver support this.*
> **
> *I try to run two hostapd processes with two different hostapd.conf file
> for each created interface sperately, it can**support 2BSSIDS with
> encryption method,  but the performance is very low, the client can
> associate the AP, but when I use ping from client to AP, almost 50% packet
> loss. *
>  **
> > I try to use Madwifi driver with Atheros chipset, I configure two BSSIDs,
> > and startup the hostapd, the first BSSID with WPA encryption method, the
> > second BSSID with WPA2 encryption, the client can associate the first
> > successfully, but the client cannot associate the second BSSID.
> > I don't know why, dose hostapd support this or not?
> hostapd supports multiple BSSIDs internally (bss=<ifname> option) with
>> mac80211-based drivers. madwifi does not use this design; with it, one
>> would create the interfaces first and then run hostapd for each created
>> interface separately (i.e., not using bss=<ifname>, but multiple
>> hostapd.conf files).
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