Problem with BSS properties

Marcel Holtmann marcel
Sat Dec 26 13:38:07 PST 2009

Hi Sam,

>         > The other thing are the quality and noise properties. Do you
>         still want
>         > these? Or can we just go for a signal property showing the
>         dBm value
>         > like iw scan does. I don't see any extra value in keeping
>         deprecated
>         > values in the new API.
>         Please lets get rid of them. One signal strength value that
>         could be
>         trusted to contain some useful data is much better than three
>         with
>         semi-random values no one can figure out.. Quality has never
>         been
>         defined properly and noise is not even a property of a BSS (it
>         is per
>         channel and should not have been mixed with scan results in
>         the first
>         place).
> I think dropping noise floor is a bad idea unless you add another
> mechanism at the same time to get it (is there a mechanism in the new
> d-bus api?).   The quality parameter has never been useful IMO and
> dropping it would make sense.

isn't the new survey API of nl80211 doing exactly this for you?

>         > Do you think a "Display" or "Name" property showing the SSID
>         in
>         > converted UTF-8 would be useful. Or should the clients do
>         that
>         > translation?
>         I would love to have this, but I do agree that it is next to
>         impossible
>         to get this right in all cases.
> I agree w/ not doing translation in the supplicant.  In my world this
> work is part of the UI and unless we push state down into the
> supplicant it cannot do as good a job.

What state are you talking about? The concern here is to figure out the
locale the AP is potentially using. Even with a country IE available, it
is not guaranteed that it matches the locale of the SSID, but that might
be as close as it gets when guessing.



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